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2016-07-27 06:08:22

No matter what it will cost me, I know what is behind growing Papaya KWIZERA Christophe

Horticulturist by profession Kwizera Christophe member of YEAN-Rwanda and University graduate in Rural Development and Agribusiness, after completion of my studies I didn’t find any job and decided to start my project. By that I realized that my first richness is my mind, skills and knowledge; plus land as opportunities with my commitment and engagement as my passion. My farming activities are located in Eastern Province, Bugesera District, Musenyi Sector: Musenyi, Musenyi and Gicaca Cell.

I, then started a short survey and finally found that many people don’t value papaya. Finally I decide to make progressive researches in youth, women and neighborhoods (especially in Uganda). I started by 5 local seeds in my plot, with approximately 10 fruits per tree, with investment of 5000 Rwandan francs and with 30,000 Rwandan francs as my income per month

By now am working with potential local farmers to develop nurseries and seedlings of improved varieties from Brazil and Indonesia to be distributed in my community and I am expecting to use 500,000 Rwandan francs as investment and expecting to have an income of around 720,000 Rwandan francs per month.In short that is how my journey to agribusiness farming activities started.

In the near future, I wish to have more than 1 hectare covered by papaya trees and increase my income from 1000 trees to 5000 trees and I wish to start diversifying my products from Papaya by making juices and other papaya made products.

I decided to grow Papaya because not only being a very quick generating money fruit it can also be used as medicine, making juices and other derivatives; papaya give quick money to farmer ; environmentally, this is a good tree that fights against erosion, wind breaking and soil fertilization.

Though papaya has a wide market, its producers in Rwanda are still few so I grow this trees in a very suitable ecological conditions of Eastern, Bugesera Bugesera District in Musenyi Sector. For me to improve my farming activities am attending entrepreneurial trainings in different institutions and organizations, farm visits, contract signing with some farmers and sponsorship from BDF.

As a young agricultural entrepreneur I face some challenges: Like other businesses, agriculture also requires a capital which is a very high discouraging factor that I am also facing. Promotion of production also is a big problem which requires a high connection and involvement of different institutions .

I can Suggest that the government through banks and microfinance institutions, should facilitate Agriculture business start- up and find a possible way to solve market problem by linking farmers to markets according to the production.

My message to fellow youth is that Agriculture is a profession, When it is well done it helps get quick with high income. So my dear fellows, don’t hesitate to get engaged and invest in agriculture because all of us will not be working in Office.

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Christophe Ntakirutimana :

2018-06-20 19:24:08
Very helpful story, keep up Christophe, your innovative ideas is motivation to me!!!! I wish to learn more from Noble professionals like you!!