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Opportunity: Recruitment of a researcher / investigator

Recruitment of a researcher/investigator

Project: Rwanda Hydroponic Project

Donor: MasterCard Foundation

Duration: 12 months


Youth Engagement in Agriculture Network (YEAN) was founded in 2014 by young professional farmers in Kigali, Rwanda. YEAN’s vision is to transform traditional subsistence agriculture into agribusiness through youth innovations as skilled and powerful weapons for leading change. YEAN provides extension and advisory services to individual farmers, farmers’ organizations and contracts to design and implement innovative youth led programs in extension and advisory sector. YEAN core business in the next 5 years (YEAN Vision 2025) is to continue as a private enterprise that capacitate producers to make informed decisions, adopt agricultural innovations which increase, diversify, specialize, and intensify agricultural production and market access. YEAN Vision 2025 is a five-year strategic plan that will enable 150,000 farmers to access private Extension and Advisory Service. YEAN also serves national and international partners with quality locally produced programming including hosting a network of farmers and conducting feasibility studies for investors in the agribusiness sector in Rwanda. 

Youth Engagement in Agriculture Network (YEAN) is implementing a one-year project funded by the MasterCard Foundation. The project aims to pilot the use of hydroponics farming for transformative changes in the agriculture sector. As Rwanda’s agricultural sector is heavily climate-dependent, in conjunction with ongoing climate change, rapidly increasing population, and the impact of this global pandemic; there is an urgent need to promote the use of new technology in this sector to tackle those challenges but also attract young people who shy away this sector while ensuring food security.

This project will be implemented in Gasabo district, Kigali and Gicumbi district in the Northern Province, on the use of hydroponics for food and fodder production, respectively. Through this project, 50 young men and women will be equipped with skills and knowledge on the use of hydroponic where top performers will be provided with hydroponic kits to start and scale hydroponic farming businesses. The results of this project will significantly provide solutions on issues related to youth unemployment, current climate change impacts, issues imposed by COVID-19, and provide pertinent information on the use of hydroponic in Rwanda.

Youth Engagement in Agriculture Network (YEAN) seeks the services of a consultant to lead the research component of Rwanda Hydroponic Project, guide M&E activities, conduct research and publish any paper or policy brief based on the findings of the project.


The Following are the specific objectives of the assignment:

  1. To lead the research component of the Rwanda Hydroponic Project,
  2. To conduct research and publish any paper or policy brief based on the findings of the project
  3. To guide M&E activities

Overall responsibilities of the research include:

  1. Develop the overall framework of the baseline assessment and other project research
  2. Design/adapt the baseline assessment and other project related research questionnaires and pre-test the questionnaires
  3. Incorporate changes into the questionnaires after pre-testing the questionnaires 
  4. Train the field enumerators whenever needed
  5. Plan field work logistics, supervise assessment implementation and ensure quality control 
  6. Develop the data entry program, arrange for data cleaning and entry 
  7. Analyze report the findings of the assessment and other project related research, provide datasets and final documentation.
  8. Write and support the publication of peer reviewed articles based on the findings of the project
  9. Design the M&E system (setting up, implementation and reporting of M&E findings)


  • The inception reports shall highlight the planned timeline and work plan, literature review, detailed methodology, sampling framework, data collection and analysis tools, qualitative and/or quantitative protocols for data collection and analysis and, outline of the final reports shall be proposed for internal validation
  • The final reports should be jargon free, clear and simply written. The main body of any report should not exceed 25 pages whenever possible and should include an executive summary, brief background, methods, findings and recommendations. Findings should be always backed up with relevant data, with reference to the data source and need to be specific.


The maximum number of days allocated for the research is 24 days. The M&E activities will last the lifespan of the project. The researcher is expected to provide a detailed time schedule of various activities to be undertaken during the assignment. And major reports that are to be produced such as the inception report and end-term report of assessment / research, field visits and M&E related reports should be mentioned in this section with the expected timeline for the delivery of each report.


The researcher will protect the confidentiality of those participating in the assessment or research at all stages. All data is confidential and is the property of YEAN. No data or other information from assessments and research will be released to third parties without the written approval of YEAN.

The researcher will turn over all data and questionnaires to YEAN and will not destroy information and material at the end of the project and after all data and original documentation has been delivered to YEAN.


The consultant shall provide detailed estimates of the budget including daily rates or per diems, travel, technical meetings, learning tour items, and other related activities.


Candidates for this position should fulfil the following  qualifications and requirements:

  • Be a Rwandan
  • Hold MSc in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security.
  • Have experience in Research
  • Have track records in data analysis, reporting and paper publication
  • Having worked with a network of academicians
  • Experience in working with youth
  • Be self-motivated and a lifelong learner
  • Team-oriented, possess a positive attitude and works well with others;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, speak Kinyarwanda proficiently or with full fluency;
  • Ability to work efficiently and promptly with team members and stakeholders
  • Comfort with using email/Google Hangout/Skype/SMS/Whatsapp/instant messaging as a primary means of communication is a must
  • Good computer skills, including knowledge of Word and Excel and google docs


Interested candidates should write a motivation letter addressed to the Executive Secretary of YEAN and send it on email together with a detailed CV at  Not later than March 8th, 2021 at 10:00 am.

Only Selected candidate will be notified via Email.

Download PDF File Here

Done at Kigali on on March 1st , 2021,

Nshimiyimana Arcade

Executive Secretary

YEAN Rwanda



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