YEAN Community is a community of farmers and partners created and hosted by YEAN, made of farmers who actively share farming information to support one another in their respective farming activities. The community is made of virtual online farmers and on field farmer groups. Our partner organizations are also included in the community building a strong farmer centered partnership that collectively work to support the knowledge sharing, information dissemination and capacity building of farmers.

This community of farmers access farming information and share knowledge through a Farmer Platform that keeps them close to one another breaking social barriers. The Farmer Platform includes YEAN Whatsapp platform, Facebook Group (Urubuga rw’Abahanzi Borozi | Farmer platform), YEAN Website, YEAN Twitter. This community has reached a number of 12,000 people in December 2019.

YEAN Community members are categorized into 3 categories including Silver Category (free), Golden Category (sponsored) and Platinum Category (sponsored). Categories and their respective information and benefits are explained in the following chart. According to your interest in YEAN, you can join any category or talk to YEAN secretariat on how you can join either of the categories.


Unlimited Access to Farmer Platform

Silver members are members who register in YEAN Community of Farmers. Silver members have access to farmers’ platform and participate in sharing information with fellow farmers. At this level of membership, members do not have financial engagement with YEAN.


  1. Access to YEAN Farmers platforms (YEAN Website, Facebook, WhatsApp groups)
  2. Access to farming tutorials on YEAN Website and E- Library
  3. Post products, services and queries on YEAN Farmers Market Platform
  4. Market linkages
  5. Attend farmers training sessions on 30% discount
  6. Access Premium-farming tutorials on 30% discount
  7. Attend farmers networking events on 30% discount


Investment and profit sharing

Golden members are members who invest or bring on board YEAN for a joint project for profit sharing. The profit is shared among partners in accordance to pre-agreed ratios and the loss will be shared in strict proportion to the capital contributed by each party


  1. All benefits of Silver Member, Plus:
  2. Co-investment
  3. Regular access to Extension services wherever you operate in Rwanda
  4. Attend farmers training sessions for free
  5. Access Premium-farming tutorials free of charge
  6. Attend farmers networking events on 50% off
  7. Buy YEAN products and services at 10% discount


Let us do it for you!

Platinum members are any person or entity that has a business interest in YEAN to implementing some of their activities


  1. Partnership in implementing agriculture Extension projects and programs
  2. Monthly, quarterly or annual outreach campaign services for products or programs
  3. Social media coverage with the engagement of 4000 YEAN active members
  4. Build a professional online appearance of your services, products or programs through blogs and articles
  5. Promoting your brand to a wider audience ranging from 50,000 to 2 million and above
  6. Featured by YEAN and its partners